Gegen Stumpfsinn
und Langeweile

aus dem Äther.


Radiokunst von Niki Matita


Crumbling - ein englisches Wort, das eine Vielzahl von Bedeutungen hat und zwischen positiven und negativen Assoziationen und Erfahrungen oszilliert, ist Ausgangspunkt dieses Stück und spiegelt eine Fülle von Verwerfungen und Aspekten des Lebens in den Großstädten von heute wider. Orte des Wohnens (und Arbeitens) im permanenten Abriß, Auf- und Umbau, unsichere Arbeitsverhältnisse, Verluste von Freundschaften und Beziehungen, lokalen Aufenthaltsorten, kulturellen und sozialen Treffpunkten. Der Angriff auf die Autonomie, den eigenen Lebensraum unter anderen Trümmern zu gestalten. Sich das alles als Klang vorzustellen, Schichten von Vergangenheit und Zukunft, durchdrungen von den Geräuschen der Überwachung, dem Lärm der immerwährenden Bautätigkeit und einem bröseligen Keks, der Trost spendet, auch wenn er das Gebiß dem Verfall preisgeben kann.

Radiostück von Niki Matita.

Mit Stimmen von Amy, Francesca Bondy, Hans, Markus Soukup, Paolo Podrescu, Russell, Susanne Lambert

Zusätzliche Geräusche: Brendansound12, Eelke, Francois, Mike König, MTWS und Robert Schalinski

Eine minimatika Produktion, 2021
Im Auftrag von Soundart Radio
Gefördert von Cultural Recovery Fund

Estausstahlung am 3. Juni 2021 um 12:00 Uhr CEST in Tomorrow’s Transmissions auf Soundart Radio.


  • Crumbling :: Niki Matita
  • Gesundheitstip Atmen :: Niki Matita
  • Breathtaking Mix :: DJ Marcelle (Another Nice Mess Meets Most Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory; Klangbad 2014)



Artist Title Album
Will Montgomery Heygate Montgomery / Curgenven Split EP
Peter Prautzsch Wasser im Schiff Schwere See
Robert Curgenven Ressuscitant de `l`etreeinte de la Sir`ene
Pjusk Skimt Solstov
Pausal Celestial Sky MArgin
Robert Curgenven Only The Dogs And The Fires On The Horizon They Tore The Earth And Like A Scar, It Swallowed Them
Elizabeth Anderson Solar Winds L´envol
Melodia The Spirit Of Rain Arrives To The Forest
ansiform room with black walls
Donato Wharton Ink Mountains A White Rainbow Spanned The Dark
Boren und der Club Of Gore Painless Steal Sunset Mission
David Andree + Josh Mason Winter To Spring , Further Than First Thought Call, Response
Rooftop Access We Smile And Wave We Are NEver Too Close TO Ghosts
Phantom Horse Amsel Variation Different Forces
Artist Title Album
Will Montgomery Heygate Montgomery / Curgenven Split EP
Peter Prautzsch Wasser im Schiff Schwere See


this edition of framework:afield has been curated by john levack drever and produced by the students of his phonography course at goldsmith’s college, university of london, uk. some notes from the curator:
Short excerpts from a selection of this year’s Phonography students at Goldsmiths, University of London, a course that through the art of field recording explores the perceived interrelation between concepts of sound, noise, hearing, listening, environment, atmosphere, architecture, memory, space, event, site and nonsite, place and non-place. The course is run by John Levack Drever with assistance from Emmanuel Spinelli. Passages for the Ear has been compiled and mixed by Drever.

[Passages for the Ear]

0’00 Daniel Harvey Summer Solstice ­
An attempted study of the event and the attendees of the summer Solstice Free festival at Stonehenge, June 20th. By using binaural microphones to discretely record the interactions, and to enable the listener to experience the event more intimately, this study was to record the ebb and flow of the spontaneous and celebrated the ritualization of what a free festival stands for… I have attempted to show as much about the various groups that ubiquitously come together under a common ground and attempt to address the issues that arise when such a large group of people exist in such a small amount of space… The theme of contradiction and contrast is a main focal point of this study and one major point that dominates the whole atmosphere is what Will Self refers to as the ‘museumification’ and commercialization of the site by English Heritage itself.

3’28 Matthew Lawrenson West Coast Tours
A composition based around a series of field recordings I made on a trip to the west coast of America in the summer of 2014. As a tourist I experienced a series of snapshots of this vast country and was interested to see the composition that resulted from this brief immersion in American culture.

6’34 Jack Newton Saudade
This piece is comprised of layers that assimilate the present with memory and attempts to position the material in order to create a realistic interpretation of the present. The piece is mainly inspired by the feature film Lost in Translation as well as poetry that focus on experiences of nostalgia. The sound sources are recorded in several different locations that relate to each other and crossover as memories within the present.

10’05 Laura Clough The Loin Park
Does ecotourism really benefit the environment? What is mankind’s fascination with the exotic, and the tourism-tourist industry worker relationship? I think about these issues in relation to the popular tourist destination Lion Park, Gauteng South Africa, where I recorded the raw sounds for my piece.

14’30 Phoenix Martins Auditory Trainspotting
A nostalgic auditory view point of my early childhood memories of being on trains, wondering where the voice of “mind the closing doors” and “mind the gap” were coming from an hoping, I wouldn’t fall into the gap! Also encapsulating moments of tranquility, and merging the sounds of the trains with electronica to create textures and generate a feeling of other-worldly-ness. To achieve this, I collated field recordings from various train rides including, southern trains, underground and overground lines.

18’30 Jonathan Brennan A Reflection; Patient 1 & Patient 2
A hospital is a place that triggers vast depths of connotation. There are very few that live in today’s western societies who have not encountered such a place in one shape or form. It is a place of sorrow, fear, repair, shelter, understanding, confusion and more. And then even perhaps not a specific place at all, a “non-place”. “A Reflection; Patient 1 & Patient 2” 2 is an extended sound work that exposes the sonic textures of the modern hospital and explores the interactions between these establishments and their subjects.

23’36 Jonathan Coote
Can phonography go beyond representation and communicate political thought? Can it be used as agitprop? Field recordings include the TUC’s Britain needs a Pay Rise demonstration, 18th October 2014, national student demonstration Free Education, 19th November, and Karl Marx grave, Highgate Cemetery.

27’50 Calum Lynn
I have been exploring the subject of energy production, and how it intersects with the liminal, post industrial landscape, in this case, South East Northumberland. A main aim of my composition was to focus on the sound of electricity producing wind turbines; a regular sight across rural and semi-rural Britain. The visual impact of these structures is well noted, for both their uniform and arguably iconic appearance, and the controversy that arises when they’re placed in rural areas deemed to be naturally beautiful. However, the sonic aspect of wind turbines is often unacknowledged, in part due to their inaccessibility and exposed placement. I wanted to use the sound of these structures as a way of exploring present day energy production in an area that was until recently so reliant on the heavy industry of mining and traditional coal fired power stations… I wanted to explore these accidental sonic implications of renewable energy, as well as how they fit into the existing histories, geography and sense of place within the region, also exploring the links between industrial, rural and urban, which have become increasingly fluid in post-industrial society; outlined in this region by the adaptation of former quarries, collieries and power station sites into nature reserves, blurring the boundaries of what constitutes ‘real’ countryside.

34’30 Joseph Smith
All the sounds revolve round a central idea of cold and hot. The thought that Iceland seemed to be rife with the two extremes hit me as I was watching the Northern Lights shimmer through the haze of sulphurous smog from the tub of 40°c geothermal waters in which I sat, while my face and hands were slowly frozen solid by the -15°c wind chill… The intentions of my project were to explore the sounds of a remote place, be they alien or familiar and try to discover a musicality that runs through them all in the creation of a hyper-real soundscape.

36’30 Tom Moore
I set out with the intention of creating a piece based on quite raw, unedited natural sound – local wildlife, weather, effects of the seasons, the river itself at various points. Through reflection on the process of actual field recording I reconsidered my original approach. I settled on creating a piece more reminiscent of a soundwalk, or rather a ‘sound-journey’. I found myself concentrating on capturing sounds purely for their aesthetics, even interacting with environments to enhance these sounds. I recorded footsteps in different places, threw logs into the river to create splashes, and opened different metal gates as I walked. The field recordings were made in rural mid-Norfolk in December 2014.

41’00 Emily Ady A Daughter’s Response – I used this project as a way of exploring two completely different worlds and soundscapes by comparing and contrasting the physical sound worlds, narrator’s familiarity and reaction to surroundings and the context in which we as narrator and audience stand in these worlds. I also wish to explore both sets of surroundings by looking at movement, the exploration of the space and recording techniques. I also explore the themes of familiarity and alien, mother and child relationships, personal narration, noise, “favourite sounds”, archive and how the overall structure and techniques relate to these themes.

42’30 Samuel Hatchwell
The perceived concepts of space and varying types of space play a serious role in its relationship with social anxiety. Different theories on space such as topophonobia and ochlophobia, with specific relevance to claustrophobia, agoraphobia and enochlophobia talk about an association with fear and anxiety within certain soundscapes due to multiple different factors. For example, a space with a higher level of noise pollution may incite fear for a topophonophobic if that person is prone to claustrophobia or social anxiety. This inherent fear associated with certain spaces and their sounds is what drove the intention for the composition.

The composition explores these relationships and how different social atmospheres affect subjects prone to social anxiety. As well as this link, the composition also looks at the connection between theorized sound concepts and the effect they have on the subject within the inhabited space. The piece acts as both a commentary on these relationships and as a social experiment on how anxiety functions under consistent conditions in varying spaces.

48’30 Rodrigo Barbosa Camacho Sublimation
“Last call, towards being the space”
 – At some point all mothers must have called for a son or a daughter so they shall come for dinner. Everyone knows what’s that, however we all do it differently. There is a lot in it to do with style! … And not that much with circumstances.

The space is all a stage and there are no stages in this place. Everyone has something to do, and there they go, meeting their affairs. We talk, we eat, we play, we fuck, we eat some more, we complain about the bad things, we send kisses here, we send kissed there, we clap and watch some cruise-ships through some palm trees. All children grow and become parents; then parents grow and become plants. In the end of the day, all is gasoline so one may go to work, but there are plants called corn, that if decently ground and cooked, with broad beans and nice dark green cabbage, could not be better than goodness!

Craving now for a juicy tuna stake.

this edition of framework:afield has been curated by john levack drever and produced by the students of his phonography course at goldsmith’s college, university of london, uk.


we continue our framework500 celebrations with the 2nd disc of the upcoming framework500 release, whose works we mixed with one another and with another selection of sounds from the aporee soundmaps. we began this show with a framework introduction recorded for us by regular contributor, and contributor to framework500, felicity ford, who captured the moments during which she constructed the framework500 badges that will go into the early adopters pack, which each of the first 50 people to pre-order the release will receive. it includes felicity’s badges, stickers, drawing, postcards, and plenty more goodies – pre-order yours now and nab one for yourself!
the framework500 release page is now online, so you can read artist and track notes, look at pretty pictures, and hear more about the process of creating this glorious object. and then, when you just can’t resist any longer, you can click the shiny yellow DONATE button on the right, enter a sum equivalent to 40€ or more, and get your name on the pre-orders list, with all the other true-blue framework lovers.

this wednesday we go to räpina to witness and document to production of the paper that our sleeve will be constructed from, the recording of which will be included on the release – keep an eye on our facebook page for images and sounds from that adventure!

[time / artist / track / album / label]

00:00 – 08:14 / felicity fold / framework introduction, recorded in the the uk

02:43 – 17:02 / kodama / cauldron / framework500 / framework editions,

12:29 – 19:26 / ben owen / stairwell bergen st / framework500 / framework editions,

17:42 – 21:12 / asmus tietchens / deb 1b / framework500 / framework editions,

20:30 – 25:44 / flavien gillié / moineaux sur le balcon / sal rei, cape verde / aporee soundmaps,

22:43 – 29:09 / keith de mendonca / echo / framework500 / framework editions,

26:56 – 34:02 / eric cordier / les gardiens de la forêt / framework500 / framework editions,

30:09 – 39:27 / maksims šenteļevs / river styx / framework500 / framework editions,

38:05 – 41:50 / chloé despax / animal market / guamote, equador / aporee soundmaps

40:25 – 46:30 / dallas simpson / tunnel improvisation (edited mix extract) / framework500 / framework editions,

43:41 – 47:54 / martin clarke / varanasi / framework500 / framework editions,

47:00 – 51:00 / miloš vojtěchovský / carneval, masopust / czech republic

50:12 – 54:36 / toy.bizarre / ingeos / kdi dctb 295 [a] / framework500 / framework editions,

52:39 – 57:00 / jonathan coleclough / köln fork / framework500 / framework editions,

we continue our framework500 celebrations with the 2nd disc of the upcoming framework500 release, whose works we mixed with one another and with another selection of sounds from the aporee soundmaps.


this edition of framework:afield has been produced in scotland by regular contributor mark vernon. note from the producer:
Things That Were Missed in the Clamour for Calm
Produced by Mark Vernon

A version of this latest work by Mark Vernon is due for imminent release on Ákos Garai’s 3Leaves label. ‘Things That Were Missed in the Clamour for Calm’ is a soundscape composed from field recordings made in Sri Lanka between October and December 2013. The work was produced during a 6-week residency at Sura Medura, Hikkaduwa on the South West coast of the country. Other recording locations included; Galle, Ambalangoda, Matara, Debera, Yala, Bundala, Udawattakale, Kandy, Sigiriya, Sinharaja, Mirissa, Unawatuna, Welligama and Colombo.

The residency was supported by UZ Arts and Creative Scotland.

“There is an odd looking machine in the New Hindu Kovil on Sea Street in Colombo kept within a rusty cage to protect it from rats. When the machine is switched on a motor kicks metal clappers and drumsticks into operation. In perfect rhythm, the clappers ring on the bells and cymbals, and the drumsticks mark out a background tattoo on the drum. Its purpose is to banish unwanted and intrusive “bad” exterior sounds; the tuk tuk horns, the quarrelling street traders, the general commotion of the material world. The repetitive mechanical mantra of drum, bell and cymbal effectively drowns out all other sounds, using one form of noise to counteract the other. Thus is created a meditative space, a place for contemplation and prayer amidst the hubbub of quotidian reality”.

this edition of framework:afield has been produced in scotland by regular contributor mark vernon. note from the producer:
Things That Were Missed in the Clamour for Calm
Produced by Mark Vernon


Artist Title Album
Jan ST.Werner Nebula Miscontinuum
Jan ST.Werner Synchro Miscontinuum
Radian & Howie Gelb I´m Going In Radian Verses Howie Gelb
Radian & Howie Gelb The Constandt Pitch and Sway Radian Verses Howie Gelb
Radian & Howie Gelb Return To Picacho Peak Radian Verses Howie Gelb
Celer Attempts To Make Time Pass Differently Sky Limits
Celer Equal to Moments of Completion Sky Limits
Midaircondo They Fall IV
Midaircondo Closure IV
Shuttle358 Slowly In Optimal.LP
Sogar PE
Christopher Willits The Weight Folding And The Tea
Sawako Air Air Texture Vol.1
Minamo Stay Still Shining
Seaworthy Map In Hand Pt. 4 : :Map In Hand
Jodi Cave Untitled Blueprints
Lawrence English Watching It Unfold A Colour For Autumn
Murrain Lane When I Told You
Marcus Fischer Mossbank Monocoastal
Steve Roden & Steve Peters Water Veins
Between Between
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taylor Deupree (feat. Ichiko Aoba) Curl To Me Disapearance
Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg Back Again Between You And The Shapes You Take
Illuha Diagrams of the Physical Interpretation of Resonance Akari
Pjusk Blaff Slots'
Gareth Dickson Cara Collected recordings
Artist Title Album
Jan ST.Werner Nebula Miscontinuum
Jan ST.Werner Synchro Miscontinuum

Framework #494

welcome to the beginning of framework’s 2015 programming! we’re back after a much-appreciated winter break, some time to shovel snow and heat the fires, and to begin preparations for our upcoming framework500 project, celebrating our upcoming 500th edition! stay tuned for more information about that in the coming weeks.
meanwhile, just before our break we released the 7th issue of our framework:seasonal series, winter 2014, featuring great works by a great collection of artists – if you haven’t picked up your copy already, do so now by visiting the framework website and donating 20€ or more via the donations bar on the right.

and a new year means a new batch of framework introduction is needed! i’ve only got one or two waiting in the wings, and i need new intros every month, so grad a recorder and get out their and record your framework intros! click here or intros in the menu above for guidelines.

some great sounds to start off our year – acoustic experiments with sine frequencies inside an abandoned cistern by bryan eubanks, wonderful metallic resonances by martin kay, rattles and sighs of ventilation by jonáš gruska, and concrete composition by natasha barratt, all preceded by a framework intro recorded for us in australia by regular contributor (and contributor to the latest framework:seasonal issue) jeremy hegge.

[time / artist / track / album / label]

00:00 – 07:23 / jeremy hegge / framework introduction, recorded in australia

03:00 – 09:08 / martin kay / abandoned oil tank – yeravan / all things metal / 3leaves,

07:39 – 12:09 / natasha barratt / kernel expansion part I / peat + polymer / 3dB,

10:10 – 20:12 / bryan eubanks / pulses / from the cistern / gruenrekorder,

16:02 – 20:37 / jonáš gruska / liquid pressure control – valve dances – scared piece of metal / vzduchotechnika / LOM,

18:05 – 23:25 / natasha barratt / kernel expansion part II / peat + polymer / 3dB,

22:58 – 27:30 / martin kay / rain on iron gutter – futuko tamagawa / all things metal / 3leaves,

24:28 – 37:15 / bryan eubanks / sine series / from the cistern / gruenrekorder,

29:25 – 35:36 / natasha barratt / Lima Mosaic / peat + polymer / 3dB,

33:05 – 39:58 / jonáš gruska / air is flowing – valve dances II – valve dances III / vzduchotechnika / LOM,

37:56 – 45:10 / martin kay / stadium support pillar – docklands, melbourne / all things metal / 3leaves,

44:20 – 52:04 / natasha barratt / untitled two / peat + polymer / 3dB,

48:24 – 55:47 / bryan eubanks / five tuned tubes / from the cistern / gruenrekorder,

50:55 – 55:02 / jonáš gruska / relief valve – defined ventilation space – breathing inlet nozzle / vzduchotechnika / LOM,

54:28 – 57:00 / martin kay / wurundjeri way overpass – melbourne / all things metal / 3leaves,

welcome to the beginning of framework’s 2015 programming!

Framework Radio bei Radio freeFM

Framework Radio Existiert seit 2002 und wurde zum ersten mal beim renommierten englischen Sender Resonance FM In London gespielt.
Die Sendung wird mittlerweile weltweit auf verschiedensten Radiostationen und Podcasts veröffentlicht und Beschäftigt sich mit dem Thema Fieldrecording im Kontext zur Komposition.

Wir kennen keine Grenzen. Weder Auditiv noch Geografisch legen Wir uns fest und präsentieren unseren Hörern eine künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema der Außenaufnahmen (Im weitesten Sinne ) und Komposition. Also. Es geht um den gefundenen Sound. Den Klang, den man nicht selbst entwickelt sondern dem man auf der Straße, in Hinterhöfen eben einfach draußen begegnet. Es wird hingehört, das außergewöhnliche extrahiert, dem nachgegangen, was uns in in unserem täglichen dasein oft „unhörbar“ bleibt.

Framework Radio geht der Frage nach, was Außenaufnahmen wirklich sind.
Sind Sie ein Stil, ein Genre oder wird der Hörer nur mit einer unkontrollierbare Situation konfrontiert, in welche er sein Mikrofon hält um es Elektroakustisch einzufangen?

Framework Radio beschäftigt sich mit der Kunst, Aufnahmen aus dem öffentlichen Raum in einen kompositorischen Kontext zu stellen und somit eine neue vielleicht unerhörte Form der Komposition zu erschaffen. Hier haben internationale Künstler die Möglichkeit sich und ihre Arbeiten zu präsentieren, sich auf ihre Art mit dem Framework Konzept auseinander zu setzten. Wir laden euch ein, eine Community kennen zu lernen, die abseits des Mainstream, neue Formen und Ansätze sucht, mit Klang und Komposition umzugehen.

Framework Radio sendet jeden Donnerstag zwischen 23-24 Uhr.
Weiterführende Informationen und den Podcast findet ihr unter

Spitzt eure Ohren und lauscht.


Artist Title Album
Hand of Stabs Watts meadow [STR 017] WLD 2014 - Entropy
False Mirror fm4_42 unreleased
False Mirror Scylla Derelict World
False Mirror A Sunken Dream Derelict World
Andreas Usenbenz Wtrcrckls [STR 017] WLD 2014 - Entropy
Stephen Shiell Naxos STR 014] WLD 2014 - Decisions
Atilio Doreste Old Greenhouse in Teno [STR 016] WLD 2014 - Directions
Sala Abandoned railway bridge [STR 016] WLD 2014 - Directions
Christopher Livengood Private water wheel [STR 016] WLD 2014 - Directions
Gurkan Mihci Lake Eymir [STR 017] WLD 2014 - Entropy
Juanjo Palacios Motriz [STR 014] WLD 2014 - Decisions
Leanne Cunningham The hush we hear in the air still holds (live) [STR 016] WLD 2014 - Directions

Mehr Info´s zum Thema und unserem Interviewpartner Tobias Hornberger

Artist Title Album
Hand of Stabs Watts meadow [STR 017] WLD 2014 - Entropy
False Mirror fm4_42 unreleased
False Mirror Scylla Derelict World


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