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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 145

Welle Wahnsinn 145
Artist Titel
AUGN Beyonce
Screensaver Drainer
Poppy Hard
Sipho. Lock It In (No Regrets)
Master Peace feat. Georgia I Might Be Fake
gglum Splat!
Keg Quip Quash
Sextile New York
Underscores with Gabby Start Locals (Girls Like Us)
Viji Karaoke
Fizz High In Brighton
Mooch Fee Fi
Tracker This Is What (We Get To Hear)
Idles Dancer
Baby Queen We Can Be Anything
Autograph Turn Up The Radio
Drift Burden
H31R Backwards
Revival Season Everybody
Health Ashamed (Of Being Born)
Maruja One Hand Behind The Devil
Night Lunch Flames Of Love
Wants Decline
Night Court Haunted House
Rifle Under Two Flags
STRFKR Always / Never
Molécule feat. Jah Thomas Music
Office Dog Gleam
Trophy Knife Company Time
Eugene Dubon Hole
The Joy Formidable Cut Your Face

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04. Nov. 2023 | 13:00

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