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Neu, frisch, verrucht. Und dann auch noch Musik...


Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 160

Welle Wahnsinn 160
Artist Titel
Human Noise Violent Earth
Textor Audio / Video / Ikuzo
Beißpony Shall We Look At Flowers
Rachel Chinouriri It Is What It Is
Shygirl feat. Danny L Harle Encore
Millerntor-Allstars feat. Bela B, Bosse
Deine Cousine, Hansemädchen
Jupiter Jones, König Boris, Mitra Kassei
Oliver Rohrbeck, Swearing At Motorists &
Thorsten Schröder 1TRAUM (FCSP Edit)
Tonbandgerät 88 Luftballons
Prisma Lost
Alias Cocktails And Dreams
Youth Lagoon Lucy Takes A Picture
Strand Of Oaks Party At Monster Lake
Daytime TV So Sick
Fever Why Can't You Hear Me?
John Grant It's A Bitch
Moon Blue Where There's The Light
The Human League Being Boiled (Fast Version)
Gesaffelstein The Perfect
Theodore The Big Rip
Fcukers Bon Bon
Matty Fool 4 U
Ani DiFranco Virus
RJD2 Catch The Exit Door
Belong Souvenir
Humane The Moon feat. Jeshi K9
Goblin Daycare Liar Liar
Baula Parasite
Shlug Grated Thumbs
Pit Pony Fuzzy
Axolotes Mexicanos & Aiko El Grupo Rosas Y Espinas
Kee Avil Felt

Verwässert und verdünnt vom Dauerregen...

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 159

Welle Wahnsinn 159
Artist Titel
Justice with The Flints Mannequin Love
Milo Korbenski Booksmart Hunny
Orlando Weeks feat. Rhian Teasdale Dig
Gabe 'Nandez, Wino Willy 12 Labours Of Hercules
Gum, Ambrose Kenny-Smith Ill Times
Bad Bad Hats TPA
Welly Shopping
Julia Fox Down The Drain
Kim Gordon Psychedelic Orgasm
JD Pinkus I Would Like To Pet It
Thin Lear Bowie’s Ley Lines
Font Hey Kekulé
Perennial Action Painting
Dear Rouge Too Close To The Heat
A Place To Bury Strangers Chasing Colors
Minas Stress
Grifyn Forgot You're Right
Grant Lee Buffalo Fuzzy
Dick Dudley Meditation
Dead Pony Rainbows
The Trusted Self Destruct
Amen Dunes Rugby Child
Halo Maud Celebrate
Las Petunias Audi 4 Latas
Lip Filler Followup
Aaron Frazer Payback
Willow Kayne Robot Lovers
Soft Play Act Violently
Poor Bambi Unbreakable
Dim Imagery Violence
Mono Mochi Whatkeepsmewakingup


Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 158

Welle Wahnsinn 158
Artist Titel
Storefront Church Coal
Fat Dog Running
Chelsea Wolfe House Of Self-Undoing
Fat White Family Work
Annie-Claude Deschênes Culinary Security
Popwal Fronz Tonz!
Zartmann, Kasi, Aaron, Antonius Meinen Die Uns
Broadcast The Games You Play
The Lovely Eggs Nothing / Everything
Family Man Golden
Redd Kross Candy Coloured Catastrophe
Better Joy Talking Around
Sugar World At The Center
Nilüfer Yanya Like I Say (I Runaway)
Dog Date Nirvana
Bomb The Bass Beat Dis
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Compress / Repress
Fontaines D.C. Starburster
St. Vincent Big Time Nothing
Buddy Wynkoop Zugzwang
The Pill Bale Of Hay
Harmony Thot Daughter
Allie X Off With Her Tits
Belgrad Rachel & Joseph
Kapa Tult 1/2 Cappuccino
Brutalismus 3000 9mm
Mörmaid Wet Summer
Rain Age WPD
Candy feat. Mirsy & Mmph Love Like Snow
Backxwash Wake Up

Das Alternativprogramm zum Spiel gratuliert dem SSV Ulm zum Aufstieg!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 157

Welle Wahnsinn 157
Artist Titel
Chilly Gonzales F*ck Wagner
Nat Harvie feat. Alan Sparhawk Red
Elektrokohle I Wanna Cry
Baula Mercury In Retrograde
Shaina Hayes Fun
The Fourth Wall Darkness Of Heart
Mandy Forsythia
Cindy Lee Kingdom Come
The Bug Club Rare Birds
M(h)aol Pursuit
Sailor Honeymoon PMS Police
Play Dead Damien Hirst Stole My Art
Lip Filler Limelite
Arab Strap Strawberry Moon
Night Sins The Lowest Places You'll Go
LL Cool J Going Back To Cali
The Streets Bright Sunny Day
Psychic Graveyard Stuffed With Secrets
You Said Strange Dance For No One
+/- {Plus/Minus} Borrowed Time
Ekko Astral Devorah
Saya Gray 2 2 Bootleg
How To Dress Well Crypt Sustain
DellaXOZ Come Again
Friday Pilots Club Spectator
Perennial Art History
Martha A Praise Chorus
Max Schabl Und Das Volk Der Mäuse Die Vögel Vorm Fastfood-Restaurant
Tricklebolt feat. Indian Askin Summer In The Lowlands


Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 156

Welle Wahnsinn 156
Artist Titel
Devon Welsh Twenty Seven
Crystal Murray Starmaniak
(Liv).e Bad Girl
Meija feat. Jawny Magic
Eels Goldy
En Attendant Ana The Cutoff
Bad With Phones Don't Talk To Me
Pan Kee Bois x 3310 Combo Freestyle
Der Nino Aus Wien Alles 1 Scheiß
Gurriers Des Goblin
Gans Harry's Tune
Kai Bosch Funny
A Place To Bury Strangers Change Your God
Pond (I'm) Stung
Tanz Akademie The Ghost
Die Skeptiker Vom Winde Verweht
Augn Piep
The Lovely Eggs My Mood Wave
Amy O Dribble Dribble
Marie Davidson Y.A.A.M.
Blusher Rave Angel
Two-Man Giant Squid I Was A DJ In 2015
The Banana Creatures Commie Barbie
Ghlow Lost My Mind
Melts Altered
Holy Esque Strap In
Martha May & The Mondays Spit!
Projector Tastes Like Sarah
Zoe Ko Dirt
Gustaf Here Hair / Hard Hair (Welle Wahnsinn Video Edit)
Jaroslav3000 Insiders

Neues vom Mikro-Affen

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 155

Welle Wahnsinn 155
Artist Titel
König Boris Zuhause Angekommen
Metronomy x Pan Amsterdam Nice Town
Little Simz Mood Swings
ELLiS·D Humdrum
The Swedish Railway Orchestra Obelisco
Tiavo Maria Mag Nur Kaviar
Nils Keppel Kein Himmel Über Berlin
Bob Vylan Makes Me Violent
Shiner Cobra
Chalk Claw
Breeze Have You Ever Suffered
John Glacier feat. Eartheater Money Shows
Low Girl Icarus
Bleach. Sheep.
The New Nostalgia A Fridge In Berlin
Garbage I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
Lol Tolhurst x Budgie x Jacknife Lee feat. Isaac Brock We Got To Move
The Clash The Magnificient Seven
O. Slice
Man Of Moon Video
april27 into a g**
Andrea Pizzo And The Purple Mice feat. Roberto Tiranti The Machine
Corridor Mon Argent
Kasabian Call
Then Comes Silence Ride Or Die
Jean Dawson New Age Crisis
The South Hill Experiment feat. Buck Raines Bonita
Pile Loops
Loud Hound Hot Temperature
Endless Wellness Newborn, Baby
Pavelo & Schnell Unmut
Feefawfum Pickled Ginger

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 154

Welle Wahnsinn 154
Artist Titel
Soffie Für Immer Frühling
Low Hum Only If You Say So
Wolfgang Tillmans We Are Not Going Back
Les Savy Fav Guzzle Blood
Lip Critic Milky Max
Cat Burns Alone
Nisa Dreamspeak
Noah And The Loners Crash Landing
Aversions Undecider
The Bony King Of Nowhere Are You Still Alive
Paul Weller Soul Wandering
Lawrence Matthews Limelight Honey
Master Peace Shangaladang
Augustine Friend's House Party
Norah Jones Staring At The Wall
Come Submerge
Mary Jane Dunphe Fix Me
Mo Troper The Billy Joel Fan Club
Snõõper For Yr Love
Talk Show Red/White
Yard Act We Make Hits
Sammy Vincent Tallulah
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Bandung Hum
Nia Archives Silence Is Loud
Yot Club Pixel
Dreamwave Mindcave
Subterranean Street Society Stop Trying
Forest Swords Munitions
Anjimile Animal
Dirty Nice This Is Gonna Hurt
Donny Benét American Dream

Die Verwunschene

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 153

Welle Wahnsinn 153
Artist Titel
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets Pillhouse (Papa Moonshine)
Vampire Weekend Gen-X Cops
Oum Shatt Off To St. Pete
Nadine Shah Greatest Dancer
Haiku Hands Grandma
Pissed Jeans Sixty-Two Thousand Dollars In Debt
Silicon Heartbeat Radek
fiio Wenn Ich Reich Bin (Geht's Mir Gut)
The Düsseldorf Düsterboys Trommel
Meltheads Theodore
Big Special Dust Off/Start Again
Parsnip The Light
Projector Dubious Goals Committee
The Courettes Shake!
Loose Articles I'd Rather Have A Beer
Pixey The Thrill Of It
Shallowhalo Decision Of A Flower
Der Plan Gummitwist
Brutalismus 3000 Europaträume
Goat Girl Ride Around
Kim Gordon I'm A Man
Ghlow Golden
Metz 99
Mk.Gee Alesis
Indigo Waves Hillside
Whispering Sons Walking, Flying
Ekko Astral Baethoven
Catcher Skipdrag
Health feat. Dusk HD Rats Future Of Hell
Justice Generator
Apaull Annul (Neil Landstrumm Remix)

Die Sendung mit dem Tunnel...

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 152

Welle Wahnsinn 152
Artist Titel
Paula Carolina Offiziell Glücklich
Germinator Californium
Hideous Hideous
Fat White Family Bullet Of Dignity
Corridor Mourir Demain
Rex Arcum Corruption’s Last Victim
Elsy Wameyo Sinner
Justice starring Tame Impala One Night/All Night
R. Missing Cry Quicker
Thee Alcoholics Baby, I'm Your Man
Street Fever Sinner
Odetta Hartman Goldilocks
Diamond Day Connect The Dots
Sprints Heavy
Def Nettle Four Years
Klangwerk Warte Bis Es Dunkel Ist
Lipworms Handshake
Majorette Tomorrow Is Forever
Peter McPoland Ceiling Fan/Piggy
The Snuts Millionaires
Arden Jones x Łaszewo Count Me In
UTO Art & Life
Call Me Spinster Feet Are Dirty
Christian Music Marimba Tragic Death Cult
Grrrl Gang Better Than Life
Maddie Regent Buy Her A Drink
Seven Davis Jr. My Love Is Deep
Purest Form Broke
TR/ST Robrash
Lozenge Interloper

Gegen den Lauf der Zeit!

Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 151

Welle Wahnsinn 151
Artist Titel
T.hanks & Chinless Wonder Many Women
Fat Dog All The Same
Idles Gift Horse
Tiga & Hudson Mohawke In Order 2
Night Drive I Wanna Be Adored
Bodega Tarkovski
Daniel Romano's Outfit Field Of Ruins
Kim Gordon Bye Bye
Mononegatives North Carolina Atomic Bomb
Master Peace Start You Up
Izzy Spears Serena
Disarstar x Jugglerz feat. Frida Gold Wovon Sollen Wir Träumen
Ennio Zeit
Real Farmer The Straightest Line
Pissed Jeans Moving On
Xmal Deutschland Allein
Andreas Dorau Was Nimmst Du Mit?
Sailor Honeymoon Bad Apple
Split System The Drain
Westend & Max Styler Rhythm Machine
Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind feat. Talmirage Stay Until The Light
A Certain Ratio All Comes Down To This
Solar Eyes Let's Run Away
Lip Critic The Heart
Diskopunk Fuck Around
C Turtle Shake It Down
Sorry Mom Wire Mother
Erotic Secrets Of Pompeii Utterly Rudderless
Be Your Own Pet Worship The Whip
Onexx Sturm
Frozemode Ruff

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