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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 159

Welle Wahnsinn 159
Artist Titel
Justice with The Flints Mannequin Love
Milo Korbenski Booksmart Hunny
Orlando Weeks feat. Rhian Teasdale Dig
Gabe 'Nandez, Wino Willy 12 Labours Of Hercules
Gum, Ambrose Kenny-Smith Ill Times
Bad Bad Hats TPA
Welly Shopping
Julia Fox Down The Drain
Kim Gordon Psychedelic Orgasm
JD Pinkus I Would Like To Pet It
Thin Lear Bowie’s Ley Lines
Font Hey Kekulé
Perennial Action Painting
Dear Rouge Too Close To The Heat
A Place To Bury Strangers Chasing Colors
Minas Stress
Grifyn Forgot You're Right
Grant Lee Buffalo Fuzzy
Dick Dudley Meditation
Dead Pony Rainbows
The Trusted Self Destruct
Amen Dunes Rugby Child
Halo Maud Celebrate
Las Petunias Audi 4 Latas
Lip Filler Followup
Aaron Frazer Payback
Willow Kayne Robot Lovers
Soft Play Act Violently
Poor Bambi Unbreakable
Dim Imagery Violence
Mono Mochi Whatkeepsmewakingup



18. Mai 2024 | 13:00

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