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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 111

Welle Wahnsinn 111
Artist Titel
tiLLie Flip A Switch
Jockstrap Concrete Over Water
Tess Parks Happy Birthday Forever
Cari Cari Zdarlight 1992
Los Bitchos Pista
Kate Clover Daisy Cutter
Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers Girl Sports
Chris Imler Operation Schönheit
Future Franz Computermann
Ciel Fine Everything
Loose Fit Social Graces
Egoexpress Telefunken (Radio Edit)
A-Trak Spit
Sudan Archives Home Maker
Elle Barbara's Black Space Peach Purée (De Pêches)
Plosivs Broken Eyes
Apollo Junction Two Car Family
Nuha Ruby Ra My Voice
Lemfreck Late
Grace Ives Lullaby
Lauran Hibberd & DJ Lethal Still Running (5K)
Metronomy, Brian Nasty & Folly Group Monday
Velar Prana No Need To Hide
Teenage Sequence The City Is Hungover
Die Tanzfläche The Time (Is Now)
Papercuts I Want My Jacket Back
Midnight Rodeo Now You're Gone
Scalping feat. Grove Remain In Stasis
Ätna I See Love

Die Urlaubs-Edition


07. Mai 2022 | 13:00

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