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Dramatic Funk Themes : BRITISH LIBRARY MUSIC from the 1970´s

Artist Titel
Les Hurdle Soul Train
Alan Hawkshaw Flashpoint
Alan Parker Sweeny Todd
Madeline Bell & Alan Parker Soul Slap
David Lindup Inside Information
Mike Moran The Pick-Up
Keith Roberts Override
Frank McDonald & Chris Rae Soul City Drive
Frank McDonald, Chris Rae & Gerry Shury Fast Drive
John Hawksworth Flash Barrier
Keith Mansfield Jagged
Nick Ingman Thrust
Gerhard Narholz Open Game
Dieter Reith Andy
Peter Martin Sticks & Stones
Konrad Plaickner / Mike Frajria Competiition Start
Peter Reno Contact
Dave Patterson Solid Funk
Barry Stoller Disco King
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