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Artist Titel Album
Mashgyver New York One Metallica "One" & Frank Sinatra "New York New York"
Iron Sembello She’s a Trooper Michael Sembello "She's a maniac" & Iron Maiden "Trooper"
Gloria Gaynor and Dio I Will Survive the Rainbow in the Dark "I will survive" & "Rainbow in the dark"
Donny Osbourne Flying Hot Stuff Donna Summer "Hot Stuff" & Ozzy Osbourne "Flying High again"
James Priest Electric Sex Machine James Brown "Sex Machine" & Judas Priest "Electric Eye"
Isleyhead Ace of Shout The Isley Brothers "Shout" & Motörhead "Ace of Spades"
Slayer and Katrina & The Waves Chemical Warfare (Don't It Feel Good?) "Chemical Warfare" & "Walking on sunshine"
The Bangles and Slayer Walk Like an Angel of Death "Walk like an Egyptian" & "Angel of Death"
Black Doors Break on through to the paranoid side The Doors "Break on through" & Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
The Bee Gees and Deep Purple You Should Be Smoking "You should be dancing" & "Smoke on the water"
Chicago and Black Sabbath Plenty High or 6 to 4 Chicago "25 or 6 to 4" & Black Sabbath "Sweet leaf"
Mötley Crüe vs. The Commodores Brïck Shöut "Shout at the devil" & "Brickhouse"
Wax Audio Master of Doin´ it Metallica "Master of Puppets" & Herbie Hancock "Doin´ it"
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