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New Movements In Australian Jazz And Soul 2020

Artist Titel
Laneous Sooki the Love Dog
Daniel Merriweather Everything I need
30/70 Drifiting
Superfeather Dempsey Roll
James Macaulay Quartet For Yu Sakamoto
Jazz Party Waiting
The Rookies True Realm of the Coin
WVR BVBY Custard Shoulder
Ijale Moses MacRae Work
Raw Humps Odyssey
Barney McAll & Rita Satch Sweet Water
I Hold the Lion's Paw & Tariro Mavondo Bones


Artist Titel Album
Quasar Nebular Trajectory 1979
Lizard Page missing from my book 1973
Ebenezer Sacrifice 1974
Cybotron Arrakis 1976
Sun Message 1972
Ariel Garden of the franzied cortinas 1973
Gulliver Smith Hey George 1973

Filly ist in Australien:: Episode 28 :

Episode 28
"Made in Australia!"
Independence Day in Indonesia
Indonesian Wedding
Back in JK
Where´s my bike mate?
Long way to Birchip
Interview with Peter
Men At Work :: Down Under
Bee Gees :: Stayin' Alive
Kungs vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners ::This Girl
Hunters and Collectors :: Do You See What I See
The Easybeats :: Friday on My Mind
AC/DC :: It's a long way to the top
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