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Wir bieten Einblicke in eine Vielzahl wunderbarer Soundwelten. Andreas Usenbenz und Marc Ender informieren & unterhalten über die in der gesamten Bandbreite der elektronischen Musik vorhandenen Genres. Ob Lounge, Ambient, Jazz, Drum&Bass, Chill Out, Dark Ambient, House, Techno, Acid Jazz, Intelligent Dance Music, Industrial, Breakbeat, Breakcore, Illbient, Noise, elektronische Klangforschung, Improv., Downbeat oder Trip Hop. Wir spielen Musik, die sich vor allem abseits des elektronischen Mainstreams bewegt. Die Sendungen sind wild gemischt und bieten viel Abwechslung.

Mmh, lecker…


weitere Infos über die Macher:
Interview mit Andreas Usenbenz:
Andreas Usenbenz ( )
Marc Ender (Hat leider keine Seite, puuuuhhuhuuh)


Sendung vom 16.07.2021

Artist Title Album
Jonathan Deasy Fragments (For Turntable & Tape) Fragments
Alexandra Spence & MP Hopkins Tone Mouthing The Divine For Me Is Whatever Is Real
Cheryl E.Leonard Schism Schism
Patrick Shiroishi Never Again Is Now I Shouldn`t Have To Worry When My Parents Go Outside
Patrick Shiroishi Yesterday Sincerity I Shouldn`t Have To Worry When My Parents Go Outside
Codeia Shrouded In Feathers (Mercury Feathers Reconstructed By Auvikogue) To Be Elevated Beyond The Crumbling Skies
Leo Dupleix / Walter Forestiere / Julien Pontvianne Part 1 Geographics Of Breath
Amy Cutler The Earth-Worn Face Of the Living The Ends (Also End) Of (The) Earth And Variants

Sendung 04.06.2021

Artist Titel Album
Natalie Beridze Be Airborn Mapping Debris
Natalie Beridze Be Airborn Mapping Debris
Natalie Beridze Perishing Sections Mapping Debris
Elme Elme Shimmer
Elme Plant Shimmer
Elme Shimmer Shimmer
Porcelluzzi / Schaffer Deities The Secret Circle
Porcelluzzi / Schaffer Intermediary State The Secret Circle
Anthony Moore, Dirk Specht & Tobias Grewenig Zero Crossings The April Sessions
Anthony Moore, Dirk Specht & Tobias Grewenig Descender The April Sessions

Sendung vom 21.05.2020

Artist Title Album
Robert Curgenven Largo Affetuoso Ar Aris Aris
Asmus Titchens & Miki Yui Akatsuki Neues Boot
Leo Okogawa & Philip Sulidae Part IV Untitled
Norman Westberg & Jacek Mazurkiewicz First Man In The Moon
Alexandra Spence A Necessary Softness Tidewater
Ian Hangwood & Craig Tattersall Saying And Doing Are Two Different Things Flowers Bloom, Butterflies Come
Eli Keszler Streaming In Isolation (Live on Boiler Room) Streaming In Isolation (Live on Boiler Room)

Sendung vom 07.05.2021

Artist Title Release
APPARAT Multifunktionsebene Multifunktionsebene - Tttrial And Eror - Duplex
Random Orchestra Circles Membrane
Random Orchestra Exhale Membrane
Eli Keszler Measurement Doesn’t Change The System At All Stadium
Eli Keszler Fashion Of Echo Stadium
Squarepusher Chunks Music is Rotted One Note
Taylor Deupree Stil. Stil.
François J. Bonnet & Stephen F. O’Malley Cylene Suisse redux assembled by Jim O'Rourke Cylene Suisse Redux
François J. Bonnet & Stephen F. O’Malley Cylene Suisse redux edited by Ryoji Ikeda Cylene Suisse Redux
Celer Malaria Eventual Needs
Jana Irmert The Soft Bid The Soft Bid
Siavash Amini A Trail Of Laughters Dania I My Son, Where Di d You Vanish?
Felicia Atkinson / Jefre Cantu Ledesma And The Flowers Have Time For Me Limpid As The Solitudes

Sendung vom 26.03.2021

Artist Title Album
Benjamin Finger Auditory Colours
Ian Chambers Concrete Paris Concrete Paris
Yann Novak Finding a Way To Live Finding a Way To Live
Andreas Usenbenz Wind & Raindrops
Norman Westberg & Jacek Mazurkiewicz What is good for the Goose First Man in The Moon
Richard Cartier Interrfernence 6 Interrfernences
Lionell Marchetti La Grande Vallé La Grande Vallé/ Micro Climat
Ben Glas Noise Form Quantum Listening (Spatial Polyrhythmic Reconsideration) Noise For Quantum Listening

Sendung vom 12.03.2021

Artist Title Album
Akosaari Kelluminen Auvinen
Bewider Gymnopedie Gymnopedies
Sunnk Weaving Ritual Reprise Weaving Ritual
Kutin Dirty Gurdy Achronie
Okkyung Lee / Hecker Statistique Synthétique Statistique Synthétique
Kaspar Agnas Far Away, Closer Grain
Lionell Marchetti Mouvement 3 P. 4 - Sous la poussée d'espaces PLANKTOS ​​/​​ 2015 - 2020 ~ composition de musique concrète
Pedro Rebelo Listen to me #1 Listen to me

Sendung vom 01.01.2020

Artist Title Album
Christopher Bothén Zon Ambrosia
Ambrose Seddon Fleeting Strands (2011) Espaces Èphèméres
Simon Whetham 01 08-11 Forced To Repeat Myself
Kasper Agnas Mirrored Memories Grain
Lucio Capece & Werner Dafeldecker Iteration Part l Iteration
Langham Research Centre Quanta / Signal / Noise Quanta / Signal / Noise Version 2
Kapital Band Internationale Solidarität 1 Internationale Solidarität


Artist Titel Album
Jo David Meyer Henger I Luften Untitled
Machinefabriek Grey Colour Tales
Werner Dafeledecker Parallel Darks 1 Parallel Darks
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ecnsemble Adaption of the Koto Song I Forsee The Dark Ahead, If I Stay
MIR8 Long Harms Perihelion
Killer Lady Untitled Hermann Nitsch, Satansbraten
William Basinski & Lawrence English Mono Aware Selva Oscura
Ian William Craig & Daniel Lentz Poire FRKWYS Vol. 16: In a Word
Voice & Strings & Timpani Escargot
Sonar Enneagram Black Light
Squarepusher U.F.O.'S Over Leytonstone Feed Me Weird Things
Eivind Aarset Wake-up Call Électronique Noire
Murmer Part 1 What are the Roots that Clutch 


Artist Titel Album
​​​​​​​strom|morts 00 Coronal Mass Ejection Coronal Mass
This Valley Of Old Mountains Flykra This Valley Of Old Mountains
This Valley Of Old Mountains Honii This Valley Of Old Mountains
Tomoko Sauvage Deluge Fischgeist
Tomoko Sauvage Flying Vessels Fischgeist
Andrea Belfi Abito alveare
Miki Yui Dancing (swamp) Aperio!
Miki Yui B3 Breathing (buds) Aperio!
Miki Yui Dreaming (now) Aperio!
Codeia Mood (Sound Study) Recoded Vol 1
Auvikogue Listening Through Feathers Recoded Vol 1
David Toop Tiny Figures Made From Sand Aparition Paintings
Oeldorf Group Oeldorf 8 Oeldorf 8


Artist Title Album
Chiminyo Run Run (Single)
Chiminyo Breathin´n (featuring Lopez)   I Am Panda
(Maike Zazie / Erdbeben) Erdbeeben (Mathias Grübel Rework) unknown
Mathias Grübel Electric Goodbye : :Matters Of Stabillity
Vladislav Delay, Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespear 500 push UP 500 Push Up
Ekin Fil Blowing Coda
7697 Miles Ninayay Iskay
Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson  From Light To Refraction Emanate
Jørgen Teller with ensemble  City Size Tone Part 2  City Size Tone 
Beatriz Ferreyra  Huellas Entreveradas  Huellas Entreveradas
Field Works Torpor Ultrasonic
Siavash Amini    A Mimesis of Nothingness  A Mimesis of Nothingness Link zur Fotografin: Nooshin Shafiee @instagram


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