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Wir kramen in der Schatzkiste der Musikgeschichte.
In einer Stunde bringen wir verschollene Schätze aus allen Jahrzehnten ans Tageslicht - Altes neu entdeckt (manchmal kann auch Neues dabei sein). Quer durch die ganze Welt – von Ulm bis Feuerland: Jazz aus Haiti, Funk aus Nigeria, Rock aus Indonesien, Swing aus Shangai, Voodoo aus den U.S.A.
Tune In & Drop Out



Artist Titel
Jamila & The Other Heroes Ya Habibi, La!
Shotnez Marhaba
Eje Eje Black Sea Majic
Sababa 5 Funk #1
Lalalar Abla Deme Lazım Olur
El Khat Ya Raiyat (Radio Trip Edit)
Les Dynamites Pop Oud #2
Boom Pam Uniton
Koy Kardesler Shürük
Romano Six
Baharat The Egyptian
Mono Moon Galgalit
Satellites Dei Deli
Buttering Trio Little Goat (Iza Ktana)
Kutiman Badawee

Für die brasilianischen Bros Bruno & Yago : BRASILIANISCHER HIP HOP

Artist Titel
Racionais MC´s Jesus Chourou
Nocivo Shomon Rap Nacional no flow
Mc L Da Vinte e Mc Gury Parado no balaio
Marcelo D2 Profissao MC
MV Bill Soldado de morro
Facção Central Isso aqui é uma Guerra
Sabotage Um bom lugar
Sistema Negro Cada um por si
Xis Sonho meu
Emicida Ordem natural da coisas


Artist Titel Album
Iron Maiden Aces high Live After Death
Scorpions Coming home World Wide Live
Anthrax A.I.R Spreading the Disease
S.O.D. Sargent D´& The S.O.D. Speak English or Die
Helloween Victim of fate Halloween EP
Kreator Endless pain Endless pain
Celtic Frost Circle of the tyrants To mega Therion
Slayer Kill again Hell Awaits
Rough Cutt Cutt your heart out Rough Cutt
Dio King of Rock´n Roll Sacred Heart
Exodus Bonded by blood Bonded by Blood
Warlock Hellbound Hellbound


Artist Titel Album
Dio Don´t talk to strangers Holy Diver
Ozzy Osbourne Bark at the moon Bark at the moon
Iron Maiden To tame a land Piece of mind
Metallica Pulling Teeth / Whiplash Kill´ em all
Slayer Die by the sword Show no mercy
Suicidal Tendencies I shot the devil Suicidal Tendencies
Gary Moore Murder in the skies Victim of the future
Michael Schenker Group Captain Nemo Built to destroy
Accept Balls to the wall Balls to the wall
Quiet Riot Cum on feel then noize Metal Health

Die Metal Alben des Jahres 1984

Artist Titel Album
Iron Maiden Powerslave Powerslave
Manowar Blood of my enemies Hail to England
Saxon Crusader Crusader
Yngwie Malmsteen Far beyond The sun Rising Force
Dio We rock The last in line
Dokken Tooth and nail Tooth and nail
Anthrax Deathrider Fistful of Metal
Metallica Trapped under ice Ride the lightning
Celtic Frost Procreation (Of the wicked) Morbid Tales
Queensryche The Warning The warning
Judas Priest Jawbreaker Defender of the faith

STRAIGHT FROM THE DECKS - International DJ Selections

Artist Titel
Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band Yamona-Dam Swindle Rmx
Voilaaa Limye-a
Alcione Nzambi-Muadiakime
Pat Kalla & Le Super Mojo Canette - Bosq Rmx
The Dutch Benglos Shabi-Bi-Di-Dob
Evasion 85 Van La Ka Vante (Omar Mendez Td Fix)
Bessoso Para Decir Que Te Quiero
Guts Groove ma poule
Voilaaa Spies Are Watching Me
Blyk Tchutchi E Loy d'Tchutchi Mandamento De Deus
Eko Roosevelt Louis Tondoho Mba

Spanish Cinematic Grooves & Funky Soundtracks, 1968-1978

Artist Titel
Orquesta Antonio Latorre Bajamar
Adolfo Waitzman Orquesta Montecarlo Beach
Jou Cogra Atrapados
Greg Segura Y Su Orquesta El Hombre De Hoy
Decibels A Go-Go De 9 A 6
Fernando Orteu Solos Tú Y Yo
J. Torregrosa Serra Do Carioca
Dolly Listen Here
Rafael Ferro Y Su Orquesta Ferro Y Gato
Chalton Flyes Tradesman
Los Mismos Jefe Ironside
Nena Catherine Trepa Que Te Trepa
Jaime Pérez Stress
The Friends Band Without Words
Jou Cogra Todo Controlado
Alcy Agüero Y Su Orquesta Pop Sao Paulo


Artist Titel Album
Mashgyver New York One Metallica "One" & Frank Sinatra "New York New York"
Iron Sembello She’s a Trooper Michael Sembello "She's a maniac" & Iron Maiden "Trooper"
Gloria Gaynor and Dio I Will Survive the Rainbow in the Dark "I will survive" & "Rainbow in the dark"
Donny Osbourne Flying Hot Stuff Donna Summer "Hot Stuff" & Ozzy Osbourne "Flying High again"
James Priest Electric Sex Machine James Brown "Sex Machine" & Judas Priest "Electric Eye"
Isleyhead Ace of Shout The Isley Brothers "Shout" & Motörhead "Ace of Spades"
Slayer and Katrina & The Waves Chemical Warfare (Don't It Feel Good?) "Chemical Warfare" & "Walking on sunshine"
The Bangles and Slayer Walk Like an Angel of Death "Walk like an Egyptian" & "Angel of Death"
Black Doors Break on through to the paranoid side The Doors "Break on through" & Black Sabbath "Paranoid"
The Bee Gees and Deep Purple You Should Be Smoking "You should be dancing" & "Smoke on the water"
Chicago and Black Sabbath Plenty High or 6 to 4 Chicago "25 or 6 to 4" & Black Sabbath "Sweet leaf"
Mötley Crüe vs. The Commodores Brïck Shöut "Shout at the devil" & "Brickhouse"
Wax Audio Master of Doin´ it Metallica "Master of Puppets" & Herbie Hancock "Doin´ it"

SAN FRANCISCAN sound from the 1960´s

Artist Titel Album
Jefferson Airplane Crown of creation 1968
The Chocolate Watchband Uncle Morris 1969
Frumious Bandersnatch Pulpit Huff 1969
Grateful Dead St. Stephen 1969
Santana Shades of time 1969
Sly & The Family Stone Stand 1969
Blue Cheer Rock me Baby 1968
The Electric Flag Killing Floor 1968
Country Joe and the Fish I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die 1967
Big Brother and the Holding Company All is loneliness 1967
Moby Grape Hey Grandma 1967
The Steve Miller Band Key to the highway 1968
Fifty Foot Hose Cauldron 1968

Die wichtigsten THRASH METAL BANDS der 80´er

Artist Titel Album
Paradox Heresy Heresy (1989)
Metallica Creeping Death Ride the lightning (1984)
Slayer Piece by piece Reign in Blood (1986)
Exodus Bonded by blood Bonded by blood (1985)
Anthrax Gung Ho Spreading the disease (1985)
Megadeth Mechanix Killing is my business...and business is good! (1985)
Kreator Extreme Agressions Extreme Agressions (1989)
Sodom Ausgebombt Agent Orange (1989)
Suicidal Tendencies I shot the devil Suicidal Tendencies (1983)
S.O.D. Speak English or die Speak English or die (1985)
Testament Do or die The Legacy (1987)


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