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Welle Wahnsinn Ausgabe 143

Welle Wahnsinn 143
Artist Titel
Kristin Hersh Ms Haha
Advertisement Where Is My Baby?
Hallan The Colline Gate
Le Couleur Autobahn
The Orb feat. Rachel D'Arcy Living In Recycled Times
Holza Grantig
Nitsch Ich Kann Nicht Mehr
Buffalo Nichols The Fatalist Blues
Tea Leaves Wicked Good
Paris Texas Ten Thirty Seven
Thee Oh Sees Intercepted Message
Teleman String Theory
Gemma Rogers New World Order
Topolinos Mustafa
Grimm Walking Around In An Ice Castle That Is Melting
Gurriers Nausea
Pleasure Island Shallow Grave
Sextile LA DJ
The Vacant Lots Evacuation
Tränen Duell Der Letzten
Wytch Pycknyck Colombo No.5
University Notre Dame Made Out Of Flesh
Home Counties Bethnal Green
Yeule Cyber Meat
Deeper Tele
Half Moon Run You Can Let Go
Lala Lala Hit Me Where It Hurts
Dream Nails Bal Pit
Be Your Own Pet Goodtime!

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07. Okt. 2023 | 13:00

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