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VU 03.07.24

Artist Titel
Viagra Boys Sports
Screaming Trees Walk Through To This Side
Pink Floyd Free Four (Short Version)
John Frusciante Second Walk
Chuckamuck Turkey Stew
Damaged Bug Sic Bay Surprise
White Denim Shanalala
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Curfew Blues
The Black Keys Remember When (Side B)
James Brown King Heroin
Bob Log III Shake A Little, Wiggle It And Jiggle It Too
Jimi Hendrix Peace In Mississippi: October 24, 1968 Take 15
Augn Beyonce
Primus My Name Is Mud
Frank Zappa Let's Make The Water Turn Black
White Fence Get That Heart
Steve Mason Fire!
Deep Purple Why Didn’t Rosemary?
Ton Steine Scherben Ich Will Nicht Werden Wie Mein Alter Ist
Eight Legs Pass The Bucket
Fontaines D.C. Boys In The Better Land
Odell Harris Before You Accuse Me
Teisco Del Rey Storm Warning
Hans-A-Plast Lederhosentyp
Team Scheisse EDK
Night Beats Right/Wrong
Ghost Woman Behind Your Eyes
Dayjeanscord The Boss
Schorsch Günzburg Yeah (Feat. I.R.)
Sebadoh Vampire
Pixies Oh My Golly!
Monster Magnet Mindfucker

Playlist v. 03.07.24 - 18-20 Uhr - mit EO


03. Juli 2024 | 18:00

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