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freeshift | 01.02.2010 | 22 - 23 h

Artist Titel Album
Uhrzeit Artist Titel
22:00:00 Timid Tiger Miss Murray
22:01:33 Hot Hot Heat No, Not Now
22:03:33 The Gas Meteormind
22:06:34 Huevos Rancheros Shadow Of The Apache
22:08:34 Mell MÍme Pas Peur
22:11:34 Kid Loco The Specialist (Ed Royal & Enne Remix)
22:17:30 Jimi Hendrix People's People
22:22:28 Cymande Anthracite
22:25:29 The Police De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
22:30:29 The Flaming Lips Race For The Prize
22:34:29 Firehose Witness
22:39:27 Granfaloon Bus Plucked
22:43:26 Mogwai Take Me Somewhere Nice
22:50:21 Spliff Carbonara
22:55:20 Rollins Band Low Self Opinion

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