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Coming Up Soon | 24.04.2021 | Spielwiese

Liebhaber von Underground Dance Music!

Für Euch machen wir den Bock zum Gärtner. Denn ab Mitternacht führen wir Euch an einen präparierten Ort, an dem wir alle uns mal wieder gründlich austoben können. Willkommen auf unserer Spielwiese! Jenachdem, wonach Euch der Sinn steht, können entweder Tanzschuhe oder Gummistiefel (siehe Bild) zweckmässig sein. Wir empfehlen ersteres! Für zwei Stunden beschicken wir Euch mit 120 BPM, gestimmt zwischen funky House, knarzendem Elektro, deep Vibes, trübem TechHouse und galoppierendem ARP. 

Dazu verballern wir 21 brandheisse Tracks, die erst kürzlich erschienen sind bzw. noch auf der Rampe zur Veröffentlichung stehen. Mit dabei sind unter anderem (A bis Z: Artist – Titel – Label [Katalog] – Veröffentlichungsdatum):

  • Airbas & Kill the Frequency - Neverending Hope - ICONYC Noir [NOIR106] – out 16.04.21: “… Hailing from Italy, the duo drops by with a lovely melodic progressive influenced 2 tracker, which is easily one of their best body of works … With 'Neverending Hope', Airbas & Kill the Frequency really show that there're no boundaries, as this beautiful melodic release guides you to a dance floor heavy, melodic hug of a release that will leave you with many smile induced moments!” --> Mit “Dark over the Fence” bringen wir Euch in Stimmung.
  • ANMA & Aves Volare - Storm - ICONYC [NYC010X] – out 09.04.21: “…They roam effortlessly through progressive inspired melodies, while the sultry chords sit wonderfully on top of the driving percussive foundation. The duo takes it up a notch by introducing Aves Volare's vocal work, whilst upping the flow with cleverly programmed drumming and his trademark FX elements, without destroying the essence of the main groove. Their work deserves to be branded 'essential' in any sense of the word. …” --> Richtige Stimmung zu später Stunde … Wir präsentieren den Original Mix!
  • Deniz Kabu - Not The Same EP - ZEHN Records [ZEHN0040] – out 19.03.21: ”… We are greeted by mystic percussions and voices from afar. Waves of energy breathe gently, yet aggressively, making this the ultimate halting point for our journey. Ever been beamed to another galaxy and back? Try this one - you’ll know what it feels like afterward.” --> Aus der EP picken wir uns den Ohrwurm „Strange Love“ heraus.
  • Fabian Krooss - Planet D - Stil vor Talent [SVT294] – out 16.04.23: “… Berlin-based producer Fabian Krooss returns this year with his debut solo sortie, 'Planet D'. A nod to the ecological nonsense that envisages salute in departing our beloved 'Planet A' for other celestial bodies to tear down - such as a fictional 'Planet D', the EP runs the gamut from minimalistic club grooves to blissed-out tropical chuggers, via further atmospheric excursions.” --> Von den sechs Tracks spielen wir die großartigsten Vier – und zwar am Stück! Diese EP ist sicherlich einer der Höhepunkte der Sendung.
  • Hakan Ozurun - Fractured - Bonzai Progressive [BP10112021] – out 19.03.21: “… Phat, thumpy kick drums stand out as crispy hi hats join in alongside exotic percussions. The focus shifts to the myriad of delicate, toy box melodies, which add melancholy to the groove and capture the imagination brilliantly.” --> Aus PDR 163 kennt ihr schon den Original Mix und den Paul Hamilton Remix. Jetzt ist der Sirius Remix fällig, mit dem bringen wir Euch einsammeln.
  • Hot Noizes, Historus - Texas - Bonzai Progressive [BP10172021] – out: 09.04.21: “… We get going with the timeless progressive grooves of Texas, which dishes out a rich vibe with deep rolling basslines and energised arpeggios.” --> GOA!
  • Integral Bread - Collage EP - Univack [UV077] – out 05.02.21: “… The Spanish artist Integral Bread presents his new EP, with 3 original mixes, different from each other, but all of them with consistent grooves and complex melodies. As usual, Integral Bread uses elements of different genres, like Techno, House, Electro, Deep, Trance, with a progressive and melodic taste, combined till to get an eclectic style making sense, in a timeless harmony.” --> Trüb und vorwärts? Wir sagen nur: The Blacksmith!
  • Jaydee - Constellation - Bonzai Progressive [BP10162021] – out 09.04.21: “… which is the second single taken from his recent album … Matan Caspi returns with a delicious remix, wonderfully rich with plush proggy vibes in true Matan style.” --> Zur Auswahl stehen sechs Fassungen, wir haben uns für den Matan Caspi Remix entschieden. Obwohl die anderen Varianten auch hörenswert sind … die kommen vielleicht noch in nächsten Sendungen.
  • José Tabarez - Agave - Just Movement [JMR080] – out 07.01.21: “… Hungarian born UK based progressive house artist, Jose Tabarez makes his debut on Just Movement with a very strong new progressive track called Agave … Already famous for is high energetic productions, this one is no different. Amazing energy with spacy elements turns this one into a cracker with a stunning long break which will lift the crowd up, for sure!” --> Mit der Energie streben wir in Richtung Sendeschluß …
  • Oliver & Tom - Mime - Univack [UV080] – out 19.03.21: “This duo is formed by Andrés Martynowicz and Mauricio Inesta, two argentinian producers with a very personal style dened by warm grooves, organic elements, and sweet and glad melodies, combined in a perfect harmony which imprimts beautiful emotions into their songs, allowing the audience to experience different sensations and movements while listening.” --> Verträumte Emotion, bei der der Name Programm ist. Ideal für den Warmup!
  • PCP - Giving Up - Bonzai Progressive [BP10132021] – out 26.03.21: “… The HD Afterhours Remix is and even deeper interpretation, heralding in a more melodic techno groove with that alluring vocal adding character.” --> Pieter Claeys hat wahrlich ein tolles Werk vorgelegt. Siehe PDR 163. Dieses Mal konfrontieren wir Euch mit dem HD Afterhours Remix.
  • Pedro Sanmartin - Lost Planet EP - Univack [UV082] – out 30.04.21: “The spanish producer, based in Norway shows us a beautiful pack. 3 original mixes with his peculiar estyle, with elements from Deep House, Progressive House, Electronica, in an organic harmony that will offer a nice musical trip to the listener.” --> Dem Ernst des Thema entsprechend, haben wir uns für den Original Mix und für den Remix von Juan Deminicis entschieden.
  • Phi Phi & Manu Riga - Shadow in the Woods - Bonzai Progressive [BP10182021] – out: 19.04.21: “… The title track Shadow In The Woods is a sublime, slow burning, chunky groover. Hypnotic pulsing basses and darkly sinister sounds combine to the backdrop of a tight, beautifully crafted drum and percussion arrangement.” --> Genau unser Ding: Hier können Schatten hypnotisieren …!
  • Stil & Bense, Frank Sonic - On My Mind EP - ZEHN Records [ZEHN0043] – out 30.4.21: “Stil & Bense and Frank Sonic are sending signals from another universe!” --> Wir bringen die volle EP zu Gehör. Besonders angetan hat uns die Zusammenarbeit mit Margret im Track Titeltrack.
  • Tom Zeta - Heist – Zerothree [ZT18601Z] – out 12.03.21: „… Heist is chunky and fun whilst sexy in nature! Zeta manages to inject huge statement percussion elements that really drive the record along (including that ever vibey cowbell!!) as well as rich, warm analogue production sounds. A stunning vocal also runs throughout with absolute elegance. We love this one. “ --> We do, too!
  • Zahna - Lima - Bonzai Progressive [BP10142021]- out 26.03.21: “Cordoba, Argentina based DJ, producer ZAHNA marks his Bonzai Progressive debut with the superb Lima EP, comprising 4 lush progressive tracks. … Lima kicks off the EP with a soft, smooth progressive flow before contrasting bass plucks and cascading arpeggios add drive and grit.“ --> Getriebe Leichtigkeit für düstere Stunden.

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