Gegen Stumpfsinn
und Langeweile

aus dem Äther.



Artist Titel
Ismail Haron & The Guys Bersedia
The Quests I'll be your man
The Trailers Ali San
Kassim Slamat & The Swallows Mak Itty Mai Illa
Ronnie Ong Buttons And Bows
The Swallows Bunga Berachnin
The Keyboys Unknown
Mike Ibrahim & The Nite Walkers Senyum Selalu
The Dynamics I Wish You Would
Fox Unknown
The Trailers I'm Ready Now
J. Ismail & "D" Irama Lupakan Aku
The Quests Hur Pi Tzu Shau Hsiang
Les Kalifas Ikan Todak
October Cherries Barabajagal
Pietro Attila & The Warlocks Goodbye
King Drummer I Am A Drummer


Artist Titel Album
Hush Single
Help! Shades of Deep Purple
Hey Joe Shades of Deep Purple
Mandrake Root Shades of Deep Purple
One more rainy day Shades of Deep Purple
Anthem The Book Of Taliesyn
Exposition/ We can work it out The Book Of Taliesyn
Shield The Book Of Taliesyn
River deep, mountain high The Book Of Taliesyn
Emaretta Single
April Deep Purple
Lalena Deep Purple
Blind Deep Purple
The Fault Line / Painter Deep Purple
Hallelujah Single
Kentucky Woman Live in Montreux Oct.4, 1969 :

Psychedelic Grooves with BLUE NOTE

Artist Titel Album
Georges Garvarentz Haschisch Party 1970
Ananda Shankar Streets Of Calcutta 1975
Donald Byrd Blackbird 1972
Horace Silver Acid, Pot Or Pills 1971
Gary Bartz Music Is My Sanctuary 1977
Lord Sitar I Can See For Miles 1968
John Andrews Tartaglia Light My Fire 1968
Bobbi Humphrey Smiling Faces Sometimes 1973
Donald Byrd Cristo Redendor 1964
Grant Green A Day In The Life 1970


Artist Titel
Ramases & Selket Mind´s Eye
The Bystanders Cave of clear light
Coconut Mushroom Without you
Orange Seaweed Pictures in the sky
The Trots! Turnstyle
The Factoty Path through the forest
Blonde On Blonde Country Life
Writing On The Wall Felicity Jane
Rhubarb Rhubarb Rainmaker
Motivation Come on down
The Pretty Things Talking about the good times
The Fleurs De Lys Gong with the luminous nose
Graded Grains Animal Magic
Fire Father´s name is dad
Fortes Mentum Mr. Patridge passed away today

Diesmal in der Schatzkiste : Nur Aufnahmen aus Britannien aus dem Jahr 1968

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Mercury Rev 1995-2015

Interpret :: Song
Mercury Rev :: Car Wash Hair
Mercury Rev :: Chasing A Bee
Crowsdell :: Sugar Coated + Patches
Pavement :: Rattled By The Rush
Pavement :: Range Life
Mercury Rev :: Trickle Down
Mercury Rev :: Young Man´s Stride + Racing The Tide
Flaming Lips :: Mountain Side
Flaming Lips :: Frogs
Mercury Rev :: Goddess On A Hiway
Mercury Rev :: The Dark Is Rising
Mercury Rev :: Black Forest (Lorelei)
Mercury Rev :: Empire State (Son House In Excelsis)
Mercury Rev :: Faraway From Cars
Mercury Rev :: Planet Caravan

Psychedelic Rock in JAPAN 1968-1975

Artist Titel
Heute in der Schatzkiste ein Blick in die Psychedelic-Rock Szene Japans der späten 60er/frühen 70er
The Mops Asamade Matenai
Beavers Koishite Aishite
The Happenings Four I Want You
Tengu Osamu Kitajima
Kuni Kawachi & Friends Kirikyogen
The Jacks Marianne
Rabi Nakayama Good Night
Apryl Fool Tomorrow´s Child
Maki Asakawa Govinda
The Jacks Gloomy Flower
Tokedashita Garasubaku Kimi Ha darenanda
Sadistic Mika Band Nanika Ga Umi Wo Yatte Kuru
Speed, Glue & Shinki Keep it cool
Artist Titel
Heute in der Schatzkiste ein Blick in die Psychedelic-Rock Szene Japans der späten 60er/frühen 70er
The Mops Asamade Matenai
Beavers Koishite Aishite

The White Knight and the Psychedelic DJ

Der weiße Ritter der schwarzen und silbernen Scheiben, das Label White Knight Records von Rob Reed (Magentha) und Will Mackie (Hoggwash), bestreitet heute die erste Stunde von Awaken. Danach begeben wir uns ins Reich der psychedelischen Mukke...
Laßt Euch überraschen ;-)

Titel :: Interpret
A million miles away :: Eddisons Children
Kingdom of the blind :: Alan Reed
Lonely Heart :: Freddegredde
Picture Frame :: Altavia
Ancestral Song :: Colin Mold
Stella and Splendens :: Materya
Hail :: Eden Shadow
Primoris Iugum :: Salva
Days like these :: Dec Burke
The Ribbon :: C-Sides
Arabia :: Peter Gee

... and then there was Psych ...

Give me Money :: Plastic Penny
Mary Jane :: Peter Sarstedt
Yellow Brick Road :: he Mindbenders
No one knows what happens around the Corner :: Ola & The Janglers
Ten thousend Pieces :: Omega Group
Me :: Zion de Gallier
Hang on Baby :: The Gnomes of Zurich
Lady Love :: The Rattles

... und noch was Neues ...

At the crossroads :: Morph

Bis in 2 Wochen,
keep progging

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