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Die wichtigsten THRASH METAL BANDS der 80´er

Artist Titel Album
Paradox Heresy Heresy (1989)
Metallica Creeping Death Ride the lightning (1984)
Slayer Piece by piece Reign in Blood (1986)
Exodus Bonded by blood Bonded by blood (1985)
Anthrax Gung Ho Spreading the disease (1985)
Megadeth Mechanix Killing is my business...and business is good! (1985)
Kreator Extreme Agressions Extreme Agressions (1989)
Sodom Ausgebombt Agent Orange (1989)
Suicidal Tendencies I shot the devil Suicidal Tendencies (1983)
S.O.D. Speak English or die Speak English or die (1985)
Testament Do or die The Legacy (1987)


Artist Titel
Frank Cornelius Computer Games
L E O Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum
Jamie Jupiter Computer Power
Solaris Space invaders
JUJU & The Space Rangers Plastic
Ernest Flippin II Supersonic space lady
Neftali Santiago Bionic Funk
Funk Machine Funk machine
The Sonarphonic Superbreaker
7 Below Zero Band Seven (We Are)
Ramsey 2C-3D Fly Guy and the Unemployed
Robotron 4 Electro?

British Metal der 1980´er

Artist Titel Album
Iron Maiden Phantom of the opera 1980
Iron Maiden
Ozzy Osbourne Mr. Crowley 1980
Blizzard of Ozz
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell 1980
Heaven and Hell
Saxon 747 (Strangers In The Night) 1980
Wheels of steel
Judas Priest Breaking The law 1980
British Steel
Diamond Head Am I evil 1982
Borrowed Time
Samson Go to hell 1981
Shock Tactics
Venom Welcome to hell 1981
Welcome to hell
Motörhead Motörhead 1979
On Parole
Whitesnake Children of he night 1987


Artist Titel
Jackie Esam Movin´
Ideku Dynasty Funk Force Leader
Claude Morgan Le sherif danse
Neilo Feel Havana
Paul Fathy Funky Baby Love
Janet N´Diaye Lokamba Funky and fire
KKE Money
Caramel L´amour toujour l´amour
Wally & Shane Give back my song
Zorgus Flash
Le Club Un Fait Divers & Rien De Plus (Re-Re-Mix)
Joël Daydé Qu ést-ce zu fais par amour
Toulouse C'est Toujours Comme Ça L'amour

KEITH HARING´s New York City in the 1980s

Artist Titel
Funk Masters Love Money
Convertion Let's Do It
Damon Harris It's Music
The Jonzun Crew Pak Man (Look Out For The OVC)
John Sex Bump and Grind It
Extra T’s E.T. Boogie
The Girls Jeffrey I Hear You
Gray Cut It Up High Priest
Class Action Weekend (Larry Levan Mix)
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