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112 Mix

112 MIX 011121

Artist Titel
Kapelle So & So feat. Captain Yossarian Could you be loved
The Superhighway Band The Shake
El Michels Affair Messy Grass
The Pro-Teens Peach Fuzz
E.VAX Manila
Trees Speak Imaginary Forces
Karl Hector Only love
David Nesselhauf Gratitude
Joao Selva feat. Flavia Coelho Meu Mano
Joel Culpepper Dead Bodies
The Allergies New Thing
Pigeon Yagana
Desmond Chambers Haly Gully
Amantido Bay Band feat. Lee Scratch Perry Trinity
Kapelle So & So feat. Captain Yossarian Running away

MIX 240521

Artist Titel
Bob Dylan Masters of war (The Avener Rework)
Jeb Loy Nichols Can´t cheat the dance
Tampo Keumgang
Plunky & The Oneness of Juju Higher
NCY Milky Band Politricks
Ralph Heidel Andalu
Mathias Modica Mica male
E.vax. Rabindra
El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey Walk with me
Warren Hampshire Wu wei
Cosmic Ground Parasite
Theatre West Bow to the people
Bob Dylan Standing in the doorway

MIX 100521

Artist Titel
Myles Sanko Blackbird Sing (Mo' Horizons Remix)
Muito Kaballa Power Ensemble Mamari
Berwyn 100.000.000
Karate Boogaloo Brother´s gonna work it out
Tomemitsu The River
Izy Frantic
Michael Paul Reggae Music
Colectiva and Maria Graspa Under The
Shareholder Tom feat. Gary Harrison Moving in conjunction
Nick Waterhouse Promenade Blue
Nubiyan Twist feat. Cherise Tittle Tattle
Aura Safari Agua de luna
Electric Jalaba Agia Hausa
Waldeck Shalala

Mix 121118 Mix

Artist Titel
Wu-Tang Clan feat. Erykah Badu & Dhani Harrison The heart gently weeps
George Harrison While my guitar gently weeps (acoustic)
Sarathy Korwar & UPAJ Collective Mind ecology
Savages Y Suefo Brotherhood
79,5 Terrorize my heart (disco dub)
David Nesselhauf Meteorites
The Stance Brothers Minor minor
Mopo Riisto
Matador! Soul Sounds Too late
The Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Ain´t it funky now
Mestizo Beat Featherbed Lane
Charles Bradley Heart of gold
Abstract Orchestra Curls
Nils Peter Molvaer Dead Indeed
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