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VU 960

Artist Titel
Der Nino Aus Wien Johnny Ramone
Voodoo Jürgens Heite Grob Ma Tote Aus
Sedlmeir Arschloch Tricks
Los Melvins Doctor Mule
King Salami And The Cumberland Three Kiss My Ring
Helado Negro I Just Want To Wake Up With You
Caribou Never Come Back
The Satelliters Last Day On Earth
Mucus 2 Baby´s Not Coming Back
Beulah Don’t Forget To Breathe
Feist My Moon My Man
James Elkington Part The Thin Painter From His Work
Nathan Salsburg Psalm 33
Bare Wires Seeking Love
Black Lips Occidental Front
Mudhoney Acetone
Butthole Surfers The Ballad Of Naked Man
Fat White Family Lebensraum
Country Teasers Hairy Wine
Odd Couple Bokeh 21
Die Türen Fiesta Antifa
Bar Italia My Little Tony
Sonic Youth Swimsuit Issue
Shame Snow Day
Cake Nugget
Herbie Hancock Jack Rabbit
Jimmy Martin The Last Song

Playlist v. 21.02.24 - 18-20 Uhr - mit EO


21. Febr. 2024 | 18:00

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