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VU 22.05.24

Artist Titel
Shellac Scabby The Rat
Cool Sounds Mutual Bliss
Kim Gordon The Candy House
Camper Van Beethoven Take The Skinheas Bowling
The Dead Tress Shelter
The Cramps Garbage Man
Gallon Drunk Bedlam
Augn Deutschrap Ist Tot
Textor Macht Dir Das Was Aus
Eels Tremendous Dynamite
Deus Fell Off The Floor, Man
Bikini Beach Life Had No Meaning
Oh Sees Sleazoid Psycho
Trucks Aggregate
Die Goldenen Zitronen ICE Berthold Brecht
Ty Segall My Room
Magon Observatory Crest
Muddy Waters Spoonful´
Link Wray Fire And Brimstone
Lewsberg Terrible
Lou Reed New Sensations
Arab Strap Sociometer Blues
Skam Open Your Eyes
Bass Drum Of Death Get Found
Deerhunter Leather Jacket II
Mucus 2 Lemon
The Rolling Stones Sweet Virgina

Playlist v. 22.05.24 - 18-20 Uhr - mit OO, EO & ML


22. Mai 2024 | 18:00

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