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Playlist SKAramba! #09 10.10.2023: Men in SKA

Artist Album Title
Angel Town Combo V/A Skannibal Party 16 Mr. Corduroy
Arsenals Stomp Hypocrite
Arthur Kay & The Originals The Count of Clerkenwell George Marshall
Chickenpox At Mickey Cohen’s Thursdaynight Pokergame Pretty Face
Donkey Show V/A Skankin’ ‚Round The World Volume 1 Mister Brown
Errol Dunkley V/A Young, Gifted and Black OK Fred
Guiliano Palma & The Bluebeaters Boogaloo Mr. Make Believe
Maroon Town V/A The Fifteen Commandments Of Ska Average Man
Phoenix City Allstars Searching For The Young Ska Rebels Jackie Wilson Said
Spicy Roots Just In Time Just A Man
Systraia Bi Mila Torero
The Braces Ska Got Soul The Designer Song
The Dualers Palm Trees And 80 Degress Johnny Come Back
The Hotknives The Way Things Are Man in the Cellar
Yellow Umbrella A Thousand Faces Good Man


10. Okt. 2023 | 17:00

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